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150+ of the Best Apps and Software for Your Music Classroom

There is so much tech out there to use in music classrooms. It can be overwhelming to sift through it all. So here is a list of apps you can use in your classrooms to help enhance your tech offerings or introduce learners to music tech for the first time. Some overlap exists here because some of the apps or software packages might have multiple functions. This list was curated from Technology for Unleashing Creativity and has been updated to show new versions, names, or apps that didn't previously exist. This will be updated regularly, so check back often! These are some of the best apps and software for your music classroom out there so see what you might be able to use in your classroom. The best part? Most of these are free!


$ - Paid

d/l - Download required


GarageBand (for Mac and iOS devices)

Audacity (d/l)

Reason ($, d/l)

FL Studio ($, d/l)

Cubase ($, d/l)

Ableton Live ($, d/l)

Ableton Live Lite (Free with hardware purchase)

Pro Tools ($, d/l) (Mac and iOS only)

Logic Pro ($, d/l)

Mixcraft ($, d/l)

Notation and Chart Software

Sibelius ($, d/l)

Dorico ($, d/l)

Dorico SE (d/l)

Finale ($, d/l)

MuseScore (d/l)

Music Snippet (formerly Flat for Docs)

1Chart - Nashville Numbers (iOS only)

The best apps and software for your music classroom and tech.
Some of the best apps for your music classroom

MIDI Sequencers and Drum Machines

Drumbit Plus ($, d/l) (formerly

Mathigon (Music function)

Song Maker (Sequencer)

Shared Piano (Virtual Instrument)

Rhythm (Drum Machine)

Arpeggios (Sequencer)

Kandinsky (Sequencer)

Melody Maker (Sequencer)

Sound Waves (Western Theory Practice)

Voice Spinner (Sampler)

Spectogram (Sound Wave)

Harmonics (Western Theory Practice)

Piano Roll (Sampler)

Oscillators (Sound waves)

Strings (Harmonics)

Chords (Western Theory Practice)

Virtual Piano (Virtual Instrument)

Lil Beat Maker (Drum Machine)

Mini Music Machine (Sequencer)

Guitar Fretboard (Virtual Instrument)

Online Xylophone (Virtual Instrument)

Pentatonic Exploration (Virtual Instrument)

Western Theory Practice


Loopers and Looping

Loopy HD (iOS only)

Loopify (Android)

GarageBand Live Loops (included in GarageBand)

Ableton Link (included in Ableton Live)

GroovePad (Android)

Virtual Instruments

WebSID (Commodore 64 emulator)

ChordChord (paid version)

Touchless and Accessible Virtual Instruments

Seeing Music (Visualizations)

Music Coding

BitBucket (paid versions)

Virtual Audio Routing and Virtual Loopback

LoopBack (Mac only)

LoopMIDI (d/l)

OBS (d/l)

Audacity Loopback (built-in feature in Audacity)


OBS (d/l)

WeVideo (paid version for teachers)

Final Cut Pro (Mac only)

iMovie (Mac & Windows)

Canva for Education (paid version free for teachers)

Cyborg Llama (Online Rehearsal)

Loom (paid version free for teachers)

Screencastify (paid version)

Pitch-correction Software and Apps

GSnap (VST) (d/l)

Voloco (d/l)

Tune Me (d/l)

AutoRap (d/l)



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