Music Teacher Workshops

Do you want to be able to engage your learners in performing rock music but have no idea where to start? Perhaps you are completely lost with sound gear? Or maybe you are struggling with how to give your learners an authentic by-ear-learning experience or incorporate creativity into your lessons.

Whatever your issue, I offer a range of workshops for teachers and students from coaching rock bands to creativity in the classroom.  I have experience presenting these workshops to large groups of people and offer a range of pricing options to fit your organization's financing plan. Please contact me if you are interested in any of these workshops and let me know of any particular needs you may have! I look forward to hearing from you.

I now offer one-on-one online sessions and coaching on any of the topics listed below! Contact me for more information!

The Workshops

Basics of Live and From Source Sound

Does live and recorded sound intimidate you? In this workshop, I go into exactly what you need to be successful with live and from source sound from microphones to monitors. I will answer many of the questions you may have about sound. This is designed to be as practical as possible so tinkering and experimenting with the equipment is encouraged.​

The By-Ear-Learning Process*

This workshop helps you to understand the benefits of learning music by ear. Learning music by ear seems to be a forgotten skill for many trained musicians. In a practical way, this workshop will help give you some strategies to help students understand the By-Ear-Learning process and be successful with it. If you are not comfortable learning music by ear, this is the perfect workshop for you.

Rock Bands in the Elementary School Setting*

Part 1 and 2 can be run simultaneously (120 min) or separately (60 min ea.)

Come on up and play! This practical workshop brings you into my classroom and provides inspiration and practical tips for starting or advancing your own rock band at your school. No previous rock music experience required. You will leave with a list of resources and even a song tabbed out to get you started.

Now that you can coach your students through playing rock songs, it is time to write music with your young rockers. Delve into the song writing process with Steve and write your own songs within a rock group.

Creativity in the Music Classroom

Creativity and music were once one in the same. This workshop delves into the history of creativity in music and gives you strategies for implementing creative activities into your music classroom from improvisation to sound painting and beyond. Bring an instrument and create music with your colleagues.

Song Writing for Performance

From chord progressions to lyrics, this workshop is designed to get you song writing so that you can coach your students through song writing too. I will take you into a project that I did with my students where they worked together to write a song as a class and perform them in concert. Just remember: if it sounds good, it’s probably good.

Teaching Guitar Authentically to Promote Lifelong Learning

Whether you’re new to teaching group guitar, are interested in starting a group, or have experience teaching guitar in school, there is something for everybody at this workshop. Bring a guitar and play along as we explore the unique educational properties of learning the guitar and how you can keep the learning authentic and true to the instrument and its most famous musicians. We will also be exploring how to incorporate the instrument into regular classroom instruction with only a few guitars in your arsenal!

Upcoming Events:

Ontario Music Educators' Association Con Fuoco Conference. November 5 through 7, 2021.

Recent Past Events:

Atlantic Regional Conference for Music Education. Newfoundland and Labrador, October 23, 2021

British Columbia Music Educators' Association Conference. October 22, 2021.

FABSS F-flat Annual Back-to-School Symposium 2021. August 13 and 14, 2021.

International Music Education Summit - Elementary Workshop (online) July 12 and 13, 2021

PoMuMi Popular Music Mini Summit by F-Flat Books. November 7, 2020. All virtual conference. 

Manitoba Music Educators' Association Conference. October 23 , 2020

Chamber Music Scotland Music Education Matters Series, September 2, 2020

Elementary Music Educators' Summit, July 2020


Both professionally and personally, attending Rock Bands in the Elementary and Intermediate School Setting session was an absolute pleasure! Under Steve's laid back and clear instruction, participants had the confidence to try their hands at unfamiliar instruments in order to pull a song together and they DID NOT want to put them down when the session came to an end! I have newfound confidence in starting a rock band at my elementary school. More Steve's Music Room please!!!

- Maureen Dunn, P-6 Music Teacher

“I was inspired to compose with my grade six music class. After teaching them a couple of simple chords and offering them different choices in progressions the students were able to improvise melodies and experiment with lyrics. Steve’s techniques helped me put the music theory aside and give the students a chance to play! After performing their original song in our Christmas Concert they are already asking to learn new chords and compose a new song for the spring! Thanks Steve for showing me how to let my students experience playing their own music!”

- Jessica Ryan, K-9 Music Teacher

Wellness Through Music

From the Self-Determination Theory, to 'Flow,' and Emotional Intelligence, music and wellness are intertwined. In this workshop, participants will explore and experience the benefits of music as a tool for overall well-being through group music making. Ways to engage your undengaged and special needs learners will be explored, too! You don't even have to be a musician to participate! 

(This workshop can be presented to non-music teachers too!)

"Wow, Steve has opened up a whole new world of learning for myself and my students. A few words to describe his session: organized, knowledgeable, hands-on, respectful of our needs, authentic, supportive and passionate."

"Excellent, warm, organized presenter with activities that are unpacked and easy to emulate!"

"Time went by, and was sad it ended. Loved the resources--I can actually use them!"