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Free Lesson Plans

World Music

World Music

Grades 5-12 (Multiple Lessons)

I've used my World Music Unit PDF as a guide over the past couple of years.  I've also used this same unit with grade 6 and grade 12. The PowerPoints are supplemental.


Jazz Music

Grades 3-5 (Research Project)

This unit has a link to a research site to help learners practice their beginning research skills. Includes supplemental PowerPoint.


The Orchestra

Grades 3-6 (multiple lessons)

This Unit is used in conjunction with Share the Music Grade 4 and includes some supplemental  activities and ideas for supplemental material.

Canadian Music

Grades 5-12 (Research Project)

The Canadian Music project can be introduced with the Canadian Music Lesson Opener video on my YouTube Channel. Supplemental PowerPoints.

The Beatles

Grades 5-12 (multiple lessons)

This Unit is involves some research on the part of your learners as they delve into the Beatles' music. Supplemental PowerPoints.



Grades  4 - 6

Karate Chop Recorder is used as a way to inspire the students to practice. You do not have to use the skills that I listed here. Mine have changed drastically since these were first posted. When they earn the colour they get a piece of coloured string to tie around the recorder. All of the sheet music are my own arrangements.



Grades 4-12 (2 Booklets)

Here are PDFs of 2 booklets I designed to help guide learners through songs, progressions, and concepts to help learning the guitar. Book 1 is for beginners, book 2 is for more skilled players.

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