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The Book!


This book will guide you through the tried-and-true best practices for starting a rock band at your school from the first audition to the final concert and give you the practical skills you will need to become a successful rock coach. From the basics of playing each rock band instrument, to how rock music is traditionally learned and transmitted, to the step-by-step process of forming a classroom or extracurricular rock ensemble, this book has it all. Learning how to coach a rock band can take years of trial and error but this book helps you bypass that step and get right to being the best rock coach you can be. You don’t need to be a rock star to be a great rock coach! If you are new to teaching rock music or if you have lots of experience but are unsure as to where to go next, this book is for you.


The Bundle!


This bundle is great for educators looking to add a popular music ensemble to their school or those who already follow the modern band/informal learning approach. Laminate the included charts and post on the classroom wall for visual reminders of chord and pattern shapes or use as fully customizable dry-erase white boards for individual or group use. You and your learners can begin composing or songwriting with these charts for drums, guitar, keyboard, bass, and ukulele.


What this bundle includes:

  • Main 7 Chords and Other Common Chords in 5 Common Keys
  • Solving Barre Chords Printables and Strategies
  • Solving for F Major
  • Bass Diagram Charts for Arpeggios
  • Keyboard/Piano Chord Charts and Color Coded
  • Rock Groove Drum Beat Pattern Cards
  • Triplet Groove Drum Beat Pattern Cards
  • Disco Groove Drum Beat Pattern Cards
  • Blank Diagrams and Tablature Charts for Guitar, Bass, and Ukulele



  • Guitar Chord Poster

Ultimate Modern Band Bundle and Rock Coach (Exclusive Offer!)

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