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This download includes almost 20 guitar chord chart diagrams. These charts and diagrams can be laminated and customized to your learners' needs. 30+ pages of printable chord charts and helpful pages. Use these for songwriting, and learning a new song or chord.


This resource includes:

  • A legend showing how these charts can be customized.
  • 7 main chords with simplification suggestions to begin (C, G, E, Am, Em, D, A).
  • 10 other common chord charts with simplification suggestions (Bm, Dm, F, C7, G7, A7, E7, B7, D7, B).
  • 6 chords for the 5 most common guitar keys (C, G, D, E, A). These charts also include 3 of the most common borrowed chords (bVII, bVI, bIII) for each key to use with your compositions.
  • Major, minor, and dominant 7 chord charts for A, B, C, D and E chords.
  • Blank chord chart diagram that you can laminate and customize to your liking with dry-erase markers.

Most Common Guitar Chords and Keys Charts

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