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If you’ve ever wondered how to fit songwriting into your Language Arts classes or your Music classes, there is a resource for you to do both! Figurative Language Through Song is for music teachers trying to incorporate songwriting into their classes, or for Language Arts teachers exploring figurative language, song lyrics, and new ways to explore language. It is also for music teachers who find themselves teaching English Language Arts learners in addition to their music classes. This resource is designed to take teacher/facilitators through a tried and tested unit plan on exploring figurative language through its role in song lyrics that is easy to emulate and execute.


This eBook includes lessons and activities to help learners understand figurative language and its function in songs. In addition to the many opportunities for writing original lyrics provided throughout the unit, it advocates finding local artists and culminates with inviting learners to write an entire original song or poem using figurative languages as their focus. Throughout the resource, each component is explained in detail and often presents examples of how this might look in a classroom or in online settings. There are a number of tech-related resources for writing and representing ideas and free music creation products discussed throughout this eBook to help facilitate songwriting and music making in a variety of contexts. In addition to all of this, its many components can be edited and altered to fit any teacher’s particular style or needs.

Figurative Language Through Song: A Unit for Language Arts and Music Teachers

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  • Format: PDF

    Publisher: Steve's Music Room Publishing, F-flat Books

    Licensing: One download is equal to one license useable by the purchaser. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.


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