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Printable chord charts for the main 7 chords for ukulele with simplification suggestions. Easily color-code or write in finger numbers with these slick chord diagrams. Print and post them around the classroom for various purposes, or laminate and use as dry-erase boards.


This download includes:

  • A legend showing how these charts can be customized.
  • 7 main chords to begin with on ukulele with and without fingering suggestions (C, G, F, Am, Em, D, A).
  • Other common chords with and without fingering suggestions (Bm, Dm, E, C7, G7, A7). If pairing ukuleles with guitars, these will be quite helpful.
  • For the D chord and the E chords I have given multiple fingering suggestions that could work for you depending on your learners. I often give them a choice to see which is easiest for them.
  • A blank ukulele chord chart diagram to laminate and customize to your liking as a dry-erase board!

Main 7 Chords Printable Ukulele Chord Charts Diagrams | Other Common Chords

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