Lesson Plans

World Music
Grades 5 -12 (multiple lessons)
Jazz Music
Grades 3 - 5 (Research Project)
The Orchestra
Grades 3 - 6 (multiple lessons)
Canadian Music
Grades 5 - 12 (research Project)

The World Music Unit PDF on this page has been used as a guide over the past couple of years.  I have used this same unit with grade 6 and grade 12.

The PowerPoints (Reggae and Kecak are supplemental)

Tuvan Throat Singing              Reggae Music                            Kecak

This unit has a link to a research site to help learners practice their beginning research skills.

Supplemental PowerPoints

This Unit is used in conjunction with Share the Music Grade 4 and does include some activities and ideas for supplemental material.

The Canadian Music project can be introduced with the Canadian Music Lesson Opener video on my YouTube Channel. 

Supplemental PowerPoints

The Beatles
Grades 5 - 12 (Multiple lessons)

This Unit is involves some research on the part of your learners as they delve into the Beatles' music.

Supplemental PowerPoints

Grades  4 - 6

Karate Chop Recorder is used as a way to inspire the students to practice. You do not have to use the skills that I listed here. Mine have changed drastically since these were first posted. When they earn the colour they get a piece of coloured string to tie around the recorder.

All of the sheet music are my own arrangements.

Sheet Music

Blank Recorder Chart

List of Recorder Skills

This contains a song list of tunes that I have done with my rock groups that have all the chords and skills listed for each song and they are all ranked according to difficulty level. There are also handouts from presentations I have done for teachers on the topic of rock bands in schools as well as live and from source sound.

The Handouts

The Book (October 2017)

Rock Band
Grades 4 - 12 (list of songs)
Grade 10 - 12 (multiple lessons)

This is a great lesson that I did with a grade 12 class. You should be able to find the music on YouTube.


Orff Instruments

Play, Sing, Dance is a collection of activities from Linda MacIsaac-Gallant as presented at the 2011 PEIMEA Professional Development Day. She has generously given permission for it to be shared on Steve's Music Room.

The second plan is a composition project I did with my 2s and 3s. It can easily be adapted to any level and any instrumentation. The video below is what one of my groups came up with by the end of this project.

Orff Composition Project (Grades 2 - 9 Multiple lessons)

Play, Sing, Dance (Grades K - 4)

Grade 4 - 8

Included on this page are an explanation of the guitar unit and booklet and select pages from that booklet. The pages are explained in the Guitar Unit.

Please contact me if you would like a copy of booklet 1, 2, or both. You pay the shipping, you get the booklets for free!

The Guitar Unit

Booklet Preview

Sight Singing
Grade 1 - 2

This group of lessons is meant to help the students figure out on their own how to sing a song just by looking at the written melody. It turns learning these songs into a fun activity.

Sheet Music

A Song for Japan is originally for trombone solo but the link here is for 30 different arrangements of it, including recorder ensemble, wind band, saxophone quartet, percussion ensemble and many others. This piece would be great for any intermediate to advanced players. Also if you have a talented trombonist you would like to feature this would be the perfect piece!