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At over 200 pages all in one document, the Absolute Essential Teaching Guitar Resource has got you covered. Use the unit plan to introduce learners to guitar using the informal learning approach. The unit includes learning Em, C, D, G, F, Am, and simplified Bm chords. Aside from the 60+ page unit portion of this resources, this ultimate resource has everything you need for teaching beginner guitar with lesson activities, diagrams, posters, chord charts, scale degree charts, Nashville Numbers, tablature, and much much more. This resource is perfect for guitar classes, general music, modern band, or popular music ensemble.


This download includes:

  • A comprehensive 60+ page beginner to intermediate guitar unit.
  • Lots of extra chord charts in black and white, colour-coded, and hand picture diagrams.
  • Printable scale and improv charts.
  • 10 Chords in 5 Keys.
  • Nashville Numbers including a chord progression writing activity.
  • Chord extensions for C, D, E, F, G, A, and B chords.
  • Build a chord activities learning how to build chords from diagrams and charts.
  • Solving Barre Chords charts and diagrams.
  • Tuning with a specific focus on Drop and Down Tuning styles.

Steve's Ultimate Absolute Essential Teaching Guitar Resource

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